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This is really OT w/ regard to robots, but I just found your blog by following the link attached to your nym on a comment you posted at Pharyngula. I liked your comment ("This concept of an infinite regression of "causes" ...") and clicked over to see who you were/are, and am pleasantly rewarded for doing so by the discovery of a blogger with style and an evident regard for some things that I, too, consider important ("reason, rationality and science")...among others.

It's mid-morning now; I was up all night poring over that Pharyngula thread, so I am now too burned out to read more than a couple of your posts, but I really look forward to coming by (fairly) often, and sampling more of your oeuvre, which in blogging terms amounts to a "tall, cool drink of clear water", or something like that.

So, thank you for doing what you do with such manifest grace and class. While not exactly unknown in the blogosphere, those qualities are rarer than they might be.

-- amocz, a.k.a. AManOfConstantZorro

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