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Dr. C.

There is really a lot to chew on here. The lead in with H. pylori is interesting. As you intimate, we are just starting to scratch the surface of its epidemiology. It is an interesting bug. It is a corkscrew, the easier to delve into the mucous. And, it creates its ammonia from urea using bacterial urease, an old favorite of mine. There is even a Foundation for this bug!!
Urease is also excreted by bacteria in the kidney raising the pH and causing stones. It used to be a big problem with encephalopathy because, if your liver doesn't work, all the ammonia created in the intestine doesn't get metabolized. Stop the ammonia production and help the encepahlopathy. They just go straight to liver transplant now (more food for though).

I do want to think more about what you say here.

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